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Managing Your Brand’s Online Reputation like Never Before

The online reputation of your business is a significant drive to ensuring success. But even though you have a steady online reputation, managing can be daunting and unknown to most companies.

ORM (Online Reputation Management) primarily involves monitoring and managing your brand’s online reputation across various platforms on the web. Online presence is similar to a real-life presence in business, making it a significant part of your digital marketing strategy.

What are people saying about you online? When you monitor the word going around you online, you will improve on the lows and maintain the highs.


Google Alerts

Google is a hot and comfortable bed for online marketers. Why? It features several essential tools that help even SEO professionals work their way up the business ladder.

To get Google alerts for your business, you will need to sign it up. Using the Google alerts tool, enter your business name as you would when looking to get alerts for anything in your niche.

After creating alerts, you will get notifications on your email according to your preference when it happens, either once a day or weekly.


Social Mention

A social mention is a tool that effectively monitors over 80 social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more.

With social mention’s results, you will be able to monitor, measure, and improve your brand’s online reputation. This way, it offers information on things like;

  • Strength: This is the likelihood of how your brand is on the discussion table on social media.
  • Sentiments: It is the rate of positive mentions over negative mentions.
  • Passion: With passion, the people discussing your business are more likely to repeat doing.
  • Reach: This is the number of exceptional authors who write or mention your brand.

Besides, Social Mention is a free tool.



With SEMrush, you will monitor all the online mentions and resource authority, and sentiment scores.

It is a paid tool but allows free limited use in the package. This way, you can do the following;

  • Look for mentions without backlinks.
  • Recognize industry influencers.
  • Calculate your estimated reach.
  • Trail recommendation traffic from remarks.
  • Classify mention sentiment.
  • Scrutinize mentioning resource authority



SentiOne will help you be keen on what your customers are talking about your business. Remarkably, you also get to access both historical and actual-time data.

It would help if you used SentiOne to track social profiles, brand mentions, and keywords for this to happen. Because it specializes in detailed information, SentiOne will crawl through several internet sources to get your brand’s comments.

To avoid information surplus, it would be best to filter the number of keywords you’re trailing. They also offer data images and collections to ensure the information you get is easier to manage. You can still classify results into positive or negative mentions, making the latter help you to quickly prevent crisis where needed.



This is a review management and monitoring platform that enables multi-location brands to monitor and manage reviews.

Apart from social media sites, you hear what your customers are discussing about your site from industry-particular review sites in niches like dining, hospitality, healthcare, real estate, and fitness. Reputology ensures you can instantly handle negative reviews by changing them into customer service coupons.

Generally, choose a tool that works best for your brand on social media sites and search engines.