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SEO, the Ruler of Digital Marketing

Did you know? Leads from SEO will generate paying customers eight times more than those generated through traditional ad campaigns.

In the 21st century, an online presence for your business is a mandatory solution to escape business failure. Your online presence will attract excellent marketing skills to ensure you sell your product or service with much ease and success across borders. Subsequently, your success is via SEO strategy in digital marketing.

If you want to grow your number of leads, get more clients, promote your work, then you need to appear in online search results, if possible, at the top. However, instead of making this a possibility, it would be best to deal with the guarantee of  SEO tips.


Rankings and Visibility

Increasing visibility is among the top benefits of SEO for your website. This way, your target audience will have an easy time finding you when they need a product or service you are selling. Your visibility on the search engine is equal to your ranking.

Besides, prospects will only click through your site to see your ranking on the search engine result page (SERP). However, ranking higher will only happen after putting in more SEO efforts. This is crucial, especially if you consider that about 75% of searchers do not click past the first page of results.


Web Traffic

According to statistics showing the impact of SEO on different websites, nearly 51% of websites’ traffic generates from organic searches. Increasing web traffic is a result of increased visibility and high ranking on the SERP.

About 33% of clicks go to the first page of the search. This means that you need to make it on the first page for your traffic to increase if not number one.



The concept of authority on the search engine is essential to internet users hence becoming popular and benefiting SEO.

Fundamentally, authority is the nature of your website being reliable, relevant, high quality, and offers something beneficial to users. With increased power, your site will also rank higher, attracting more prospects to trust your brand.


Better Visitor Experience

SEO is also critical because the time you spend making high-quality content and optimizing your site with on-page SEO is sure to boost your site’s usability. This way, superb usability builds a smooth and positive customer experience.

For instance, when you work towards making your site responsive, you will make it more user0-friendly to both mobile and desktop/ laptop users. Likewise, by increasing your page’s load speed, you will minimize the bounce rate, which will encourage visitors to take longer on your site. According to a survey, almost 50% of customers want a page to load instantly within two seconds. Failure to a faster load time, consumers will leave your page as soon as possible to look for something else, lowering your conversion rate.

Ultimately, the main reason why SEO is the ruler of digital marketing is because of the growth benefit. High visibility and ranking increase web traffic, and the stable and robust authority will lead your online business to higher growth.