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Up Your Game in Email Marketing

Globally, about 4 million people have an email account.

Conversion Rate Optimization has been the grand prize of digital and e-commerce success at the emergence of websites. As a result, one of the biggest drivers of consumer traffic to websites and landing pages is email marketing.

Therefore, it would be best to ensure your email is optimized to reach your target audience and deliver the results as desired. After the COVID-19 pandemic drove an increase in digital marketing and e-commerce, it is ripe for learning, testing, and proving email marketing works. Besides, the email marketing ROI is an average of $44 per dollar spent.

So, what’s a marketer to do?


Generate Email Opt-In Opportunities

Sending plain emails is likely to generate no response from your clients. Therefore, you should think of breathing more life into your email marketing strategies. Creating email opt-in opportunities like newsletter sign-ups is an excellent place to start.

Though this won’t necessarily make your clients open or download your emails, it will boost the quality of your lists. This way, the open and click-through rates will improve overall.

Even if this did not violate the CAN-SPAM laws, it would be decent to send emails to customers who want and appreciate them. When your recipients are opt-in to receive your emails, it will not just make you feel good, but it’s a vital move to maintain an impressive business reputation with both prospects and email service providers.


Send a Re-Engaging Email

Sometimes, an email can fail to engage with your customers. When this happens, it would be best to create a re-engagement email to stir up some leads that went quiet and stale. For instance, you should send emails like “it’s been a while and haven’t heard from you in a while” or “here’s what you may have missed.” This way, you will share some of your fresh blog posts and content offers.

More so, you are likely to spike the interest of probable leads. Using marketing automation software, you will track opens, click-through rates, and the links that got the most engagement. Only a single re-engagement of a prospect will make a significant difference worth your efforts.


Careful Use of Images

Images in emails can offer a 2-way impact. Firstly, images are likely to improve conversions by making your content visually appealing. Conversely, many email applications tend to block shots which results in several customers failing to see them.

Moreover, some companies opt to send plain text emails to duplicate a more particular approach. But if you choose to use images, you should consider the following;

  • You should never send an image alone. It would be best to include text in your emails, and if you add a caption in an image, ensure it replicates in the text. Always ensure that the critical information in an image appears to avoid the clients missing a significant point.
  • Also, avoid using high-resolution photos. This does not mean you use poor quality but the relatively lower resolution of quality images. Low-resolution images boost the load time on mobile users or for people with slower connection speeds.

Above all, you should adjust your frequency in sending emails. You should not send too many, too few, and not too frequently as well. Send just enough to maintain the attention of the customer not to wander away. Email is an everyday mode of communication, with the average user receiving 1-3 emails daily.